Bijan Robinson Reveals Top NFL QB He Wants To Play With

Star running back Bijan Robinson

Getty Image / Michael Hickey

Heading into this year’s NFL Draft, much of the speculation has centered around the draft’s quarterbacks that could be selected in the top 10.

However, there are many who believe that none of those QBs is the actual top prospect in the class.

Some believe it could be Will Anderson. There are those that think it’s Jalen Carter despite his tumultuous offseason.

Another pick for most talented player that has been gaining steam is former Texas running back Bijan Robinson.

With that, it is easy to wonder who the team is that will end up landing the running back, especially when it is likely he’ll be available deeper into round 1 because of the position he plays.

Today on NFL Live, Robinson was asked which quarterback he wants to play with most and it could give a hint about where he’ll be drafted. He said he wants to play with Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts.

Robinson has been linked with the Eagles throughout the pre-draft process and they are one of the only two teams he met with this offseason.

However, it is just difficult to see how it actually happens. It would be very surprising to see the Eagles take him at pick 10 and there have been rumors they’re looking to trade that pick to move up and take Jalen Carter.

Their next pick after that is number 30 and it seems pretty likely that somebody would take the star running back ahead of that pick.

Still, Robinson would give the Philadelphia Eagles and even more formidable offense than the one that just won the NFC.

On Thursday we’ll find out if Bijan Robinson is going to get his wish.