These Glowing ‘Bike Balls’ Are Truck Nuts For Your Night Cycling Shenanigans

This “heart-shaped” LED tail light hangs off the back of your bicycle seat so you can stay safe during night cycling. And, if you’re riding your bicycle at night, you’ve got more than one screw loose. You’re basically asking to get creamed by a Caddy.

Deez nuts are an offer from, which made no bones about the accessory looking exactly like a pair of testicles in a blog post from June. “Have you got the balls?” turned into “Have you got the heart?”

You can purchase the glowing scrotum here.

Product features are below:

“DESIGNED FOR SAFETY: These ultra bright LED lights feature two lithium ion batteries. This helps other riders, drivers, and walkers spot you when cycling during the night.”

Haven’t truck nuts been banned because other drivers are so mesmerized by swinging rubber gonads that they rear-end the truck doze nuts are on?

“MATERIALS: Waterproof durable silicone”

Somewhere out there are photos and demo videos of a person washing the nuts.

DESIGN: Lovely and warm heart shaped design which will melt everyone heart on the road”

It will also melt flesh once you’re in a horrific fiery car crash.

Via Reddit

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