Bill Belichick Responds To Dumb Question About Gronk Injury With An ‘I’m Going To Kill Your Family’ Glare

bill belichick


The Patriots were handed their first loss in over 330 days last night courtesy of the Denver Broncos and the referees. The biggest story of the game, however, was the right knee injury to Rob Gronkowski. Although initial reports deemed the injury ‘not serious,’ the Pro Bowl tight end spent a few cringeworthy moments writing in pain on the field before being carted off to the locker room.

This sight had to be the last thing Patriots fans wanted to see, whose roster has been depleted of injuries as of late–Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola, Brandon LaFell, and Aaron Dobson at the receiving spot alone.

If you mix the grumpiest head coach in pro sports, a loss, an injury to one of the team’s best players, and an asinine question from a reporter, you get this…


I can’t really fault the reporter, the question was asked solely to bait Belichick into talking candidly about the injury. But anyone whose ever watched a scintillating interview with the Patriots’ coach knows that win or lose, candid and Bill Belichick don’t jive.

bill belichick

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