Bill Belichick Hung Out With Donald Trump And My God This Duo Is Creepily Awesome

Bill Belichick aligning forces with Donald Trump? But of course! Would you expect anything less?

This is basically Darth Vader dining with Darth Vader, Jr., and boy, this duo could not be happier.

While The Bill looks a little “surly,” which is rarer than spotting Big Foot, The Donald sure as hell seems focused on the accompanying, firmly held assets. Sounds about right.

After all, it’s the offseason for Belichick. Had this been a photo leading up to even some kind of no-frills, preseason friendly against the Toronto Argonauts, Belichick would be flashing Blue Steel and telling both the waiter and bartender to hurry the fuck up.

But it’s early March, so The Bill doesn’t give a flying fuck. So frankly, it’s a beautiful thing that we should all find refreshing to see.

Has this guy ever been “offseason happier”?

No. The answer is no. God bless this budding bro of a relationship.