Bill Belichick Shot Linebacker Kyle Van Noy In The Face During A Team Paintball Outing

Bill Belichick Shot Kyle Van Noy In The Face During Paintball Outing

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The New England Patriots were scheduled to have two more days of OTAs this week, Monday and Tuesday, but apparently everyone did so well that head coach Bill Belichick went ahead and canceled them.

Instead, the team got the days off and the organzization even took a bunch of the guys out for a little paintball session on Monday.

Naturally, because he’s Bill Belichick, things got a little competitive.

Speaking on Twitch Tuesday while playing Fortnite, Patriots linebacker Kyle Van Noy shared a story from the day of paintball with Dont’a Hightower that is pure Hoodie.

“I got hit, I’m telling you,” he told Hightower. “This paintball hit me in the mask, and the mask hit my tooth and my sh*t still hurts.”

When Hightower pressed Van Noy to tell the viewers of the livestream who it was that shot him in the face, he admitted, “Bill got my ass.”

Tom Brady must have been very proud.

And hey, Van Noy knew what he was getting himself into when he re-signed with New England after being traded there by the Lions in 2016…

“No Days Off! No Days Off! No Days Off! No Days Off!”