Bill Belichick Praises Taylor Swift And Might Be A Swiftie

Possible Swiftie, Bill Belichick and Taylor Swift

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This might be hard to believe due to the reputation Bill Belichick has built over the years, but the New England Patriots head coach might just be a Swiftie.

During a recent interview, Belichick talked about watching Taylor Swift performing live and he was absolutely impressed with what he saw.

He sat down with The Greg Hill Show, a sports radio show located in Boston, and the future Hall of Fame head coach opened up about going to a Taylor Swift concert during the offseason.

Bill Belichick was ultimately impressed by how Swift was able to perform in the rain. Which means the Patriots head coach attended her concert at Gillette Stadium back in May.

“I saw a little bit of Taylor. That was pretty impressive. She’s tough, man. She just stood out there and played right through it.”

Now, Bill Belichick didn’t technically say that’s a Swiftie. So, maybe he’s more of an unofficial Swiftie, as The Greg Hill Show suggests.

When asked if he was an “official” Swiftie, Belichick hilariously asked, “What does that mean, like you have a sweatshirt or something?”

Listen to the short clip of Belichick’s appearance on The Greg Hill Show, as it’s actually quite comical.

Of course, Belichick’s favorite Taylor Swift song is You Need To Calm Down. I mean, that might be his mantra within the Patriots organization.

Additionally, he’s a pretty calm dude when he’s not on the sidelines.

But I can’t stop imagining Belichick belting out the words of every Taylor Swift song while attending her concert.

Never change, Bill Belichick. Never change.