Bill Burr And Joe Rogan Breaking Down Tiger Woods’ DUI Is The Best Discussion Of His Arrest Yet

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Much like Gilbert Arenas on Tuesday, Bill Burr and Joe Rogan had unfiltered thoughts on Tiger Woods getting arrested for DUI. Hilarious, no bullshit thoughts.

Burr, for his part, echoed Arenas’ sentiments, “Eh, he should just take the hit. I was hangin’ with the fellas, blah, blah, blah…”

Then later in the discussion, Burr dropped this nail-on-the-head line about Woods, “It happens and if you fucked up and it’s your fault you should get punished, but like, the cops are handling it. They arrested him. The courts will handle it. Do I need to pile on and start wagging my fucking hypocritical finger at him?”

Good, honest stuff as always from these two. Check out the entire segment below.

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