Bill Murray Singlehandedly Starts ‘AMERICA!’ Chant At Ryder Cup, Should Be Our Next President

Bill Murray is a goddamn patriot. The comedic legend has not only been in the stands at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Minnesota all week to support Team USA, but he is also Team USA’s biggest cheerleader. On Sunday morning, Murray led the crowd in an “America!” chant at the Ryder Cup.

The comedian watched from the grandstand behind the No.1 tee as American Patrick Reed and European Rory McIlroy started their match.

Murray organized his section to participate in the patriotic chant.

Then the 66-year-old shouted with the fervor of someone a quarter his age.

Earlier in the week, Murray participated in a celebrity game before the actual Ryder Cup.

I’m happily jotting Bill Murray’s name as a write-in candidate for the 2016 presidential election for his love of America.

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