Bill O’Brien Reportedly Compared DeAndre Hopkins To Aaron Hernandez And Brought Up His ‘Baby Mamas’ In Pre-Trade Meeting

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Outside of the entire state of Arizona, Bill O’Brien made no new friends in his baffling trade of DeAndre Hopkins.

The Texans head coach and general manager traded away one of the league’s most dynamic weapons in the prime of his career for a bag of SunChips, a few David Johnson injuries, and a Brazzers password.

In the wake of the trade, Tyrann Mathieu spoke for everyone who have ever watched an NFL football game.

Something rancid must’ve been festering in the Texans organization for O’Brien to trade away a guy who has 1,110+ yards receiving in five of his seven years in the league.

According to Hall of Famer Michael Irvin, who claims he spoke with Hopkins on Tuesday, a simmering “power struggle” between the coach and All-Pro receiver came to a head in a brutal meeting in which O’Brien likened Hopkins to Aaron Hernandez. Ya know, the serial killer.

“(Hopkins) told me, Michael, it was a bit of a power struggle there because Coach O’Brien thought he had too much influence over the locker room,” Irvin said.

“In that meeting, he started the meeting with telling DeAndre Hopkins this, which blew my mind when DeAndre told me this, he told DeAndre Hopkins, he said, ‘Hey, the last time I had to have a meeting like this it was with Aaron Hernandez,’” Irvin said. “I was like, ‘What? He put in Aaron Hernandez in this meeting?’ He said, ‘Yes, he did.’ He said, ‘Michael, that blew my mind that he would even bring that up. I’ve never been in any trouble. I don’t know why he would equate me with Aaron Hernandez.’ And, from there, the meeting just deteriorated.”

“He told DeAndre that he doesn’t like that he has his baby mommas around sometimes,” Irvin said. “And, I think from there, the relationship just went bad.”

Irvin’s claims jibe with sentiments The Houston Chronicle’s Aaron Wilson made about “growing friction between Hopkins and O’Brien for years.”

In the last three regular seasons, Hopkins racked up 315 catches, 4,115 yards and scored 31 touchdowns, ranking second, third, and first in the NFL in those categories.

Never underestimate the role politics and drama play in team success. My god.

UPDATE: DeAndre Hopkins has spoken.

Your move, Michael Irvin.

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