New Promo For ‘Any Given Wednesday’ Is A Reminder Of All The Things We Love And Hate About Bill Simmons

Here’s the exact day I stopped reading Bill Simmons‘s ESPN column — the morning after Super Bowl XLVI when the New York Giants beat the previously undefeated New England Patriots. Being a Giants fan, I couldn’t wait to read Simmons eat his words about the Giants having no chance. Of course, being an unapologetic Boston sports fan, his column was more about how the Patriots essentially “let” the Giants win.


Unfortunately though, he was an influential douche, and probably the sole reason I got into this entire business of blogging. I didn’t pay much attention to his work and barely paid attention during his blow up with ESPN. I will say I was on his side, no matter what, because fuck ESPN. If Kim Jong-un had beef with ESPN I’d probably take the side of the maniacal leader. THAT’S how much I hate ESPN.

Simmons is on to greener pastures these days — the green being in his pockets — and his new show ‘Any Given Wednesday’ just dropped its first promo. It only took :52 seconds to remind me — and probably millions of other people — the reasons Simmons is both beloved and reviled.

I believe in about 50% of the same things as Simmons, but come on, the banning the pick-off? Stop trolling, William.

‘Any Given Wednesday’ with Bill Simmons begins June 22nd at 10pm on HBO. Here’s everything you need to know about the show.