Boston Backer Bill Simmons Blasted On Social Media For Saying The Warriors Aren’t An NBA Dynasty

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  • Boston fan and NBA insider Bill Simmons is taking heat on social media
  • The writer doesn’t believe that the Warriors are an NBA dynasty
  • Golden State defeated the Celtics to land their 4th title in 8 years

Bill Simmons has long been a Boston Celtics backer, taking every chance he can to build up the C’s on this recent run to the NBA Finals.

And things certainly looked good early on.

Boston jumped out to a 2-1 lead, with a chance to go up 3-1 in The Garden. Golden State was able to steal a win on the road, though, beginning a three-game streak that helped them close out the Finals with a championship.

The win gives the Warriors four titles in the last eight years, easily making them the most dominant team of the era. Throw in that they’ve appeared in six of the last eight Finals matchups, while playing in the much more competitive Western Conference, and it solidifies their standing as a dynasty.

Simmons doesn’t think so.

In a recent Twitter post, the Boston supporter says that Golden State hasn’t earned that status yet.

I personally don’t think GSW’s 4 titles in 8 years qualifies yet — which is how I felt about the 1999-2007 Spurs too.

He says that the word gets thrown around too liberally, but winning four championships in less than a decade has to come with some merit.

Simmons calls that merit a “dynastender.”

Not everyone agrees.

Fans blast Bill Simmons for saying the Warriors aren’t a dynasty

NBA fans were quick to call Bill Simmons out for his hot take on the Warriors. Most believe that Golden State should undoubtedly own the dynasty tag.

Some believe that Simmons is more upset at the Celtics for blowing the series, and he’s taking it out on the Warriors as a result.

The Warriors over the last eight seasons have set an NBA regular season win total, made numerous Finals appearances, and changed the way that the game is played at the professional level. And now, they’re a four-time champion.

Think that definitely qualifies as a dynasty.

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