Hall Of Famer Blasts Scottie Pippen For His Behavior Towards Michael Jordan

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As most NBA fans have realized by now, Scottie Pippen is not the biggest Michael Jordan fan these days.

For whatever reason, Pippen, who won six NBA titles alongside Jordan with the Chicago Bulls, has been taking shots at his former teammate repeatedly over the past few years.

Things have gotten so bad between the two of them since Scottie Pippen felt dissed by Michael Jordan in the documentary The Last Dance that one former teammate of the two thinks the relationship is damaged beyond repair.

“I think it’s over. Yeah, I think it’s over. It wasn’t great from the get-go,” Charles Oakley told Bill Simmons last year.

Many NBA fans have been left scratching their heads at Scottie Pippen’s behavior towards Jordan, including one that is in the Basketball Hall of Fame: Bill Walton.

During a recent appearance on Scoop B Radio, Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson asked Walton and director Steve James, “How much did The Last Dance change the perspective of how we view basketball as not just a sport, but a lifestyle and the twists and turns of what the day-to-day life is of a basketball player?”

“I’m gonna let Steve take that one,” Bill Walton replied, then proceeded to go on a confusing tangent.

“He’s the movie maker. He’s the one who’s had the experience with movies changing people’s lives and hopefully he will transition that into Roger Ebert’s movie that Steve did and the the transitional nature of life that Roger went through he had Roger stuck with the whole thing to the very end and I love that.

“And I love that Bulls team,” Walton then added, somehow circling back to the original question. “As great as they were and I’m just shocked and dismayed, those words are not strong enough to relate my feelings as to the way that Scottie Pippen treats Michael Jordan. That’s just not right.

“But Steve, you talk about The Last Dance and its impact on our world,” Walton finally relented.

Two and a half minutes later, Walton chimed back in, saying, “I was the broadcaster for those Bulls teams on the national level.

“It was a remarkable privilege and honor to have that position and to witness the greatness of that team. I’m a team guy. I love the team game. That’s why I’m super happy with what happened with the Denver Nuggets. The team game, the passing, the selflessness, that’s what always leads to ultimate group dynamic success, and that’s what the Bulls had.”

And on and on he went.