Bill Walton Went Full Bill Walton When An Airline Lost His Bike

Legendary basketball player/Deadhead Bill Walton is one of the greatest figures in popular sports culture. The man can riff on anything if you give him a megaphone, from the best LSD to eat at a stadium full of tie-dye to paleontology. But when things don’t go Bill Walton’s way, Walton will drop the free love/hippy vibes and go full Walton on your ass.

Hawaiian Airlines experienced this today when they lost his bike. The result is one of the better Twitter threads you’ll read today, complete with Walton burning the hell out of the airline.

Lost baggage sucks. We feel your pain, Bro.

And then Bill Walton went full Walton with an all time great burn on the airline:

Never change, Bill.



UPDATE: Bill Walton and his bike have been reunited.

Go team!

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