These SICK Billiard Trick Shots Will Blow Your Mind Even More Than The Random Bikini Girl Who Helped

by 2 years ago
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YouTube - Venom Trickshots

I will be the first to admit that I don’t know shit about pool, or billiards as those in the know would call it. But I do know when I witness something pretty extraordinary. And this video of pool trick shots is pretty freaking extraordinary.

Some of the stuff this guy Florian Kohler, the 2013 Special Art Trick Shots World Champion, does is just off the charts ridiculous.

As for the model in a bikini, I tried to figure out who she is since the video doesn’t say and the best answer I came across was by the folks over at BSO who think it is a model named Raffaella Fico. If it is then here you go.

Funny thing is, not everyone was thrilled to see her in the video as some of the commenters, obvious pool geeks, complained about it.

One guy actually said, “I just wish that girl wasn’t there!” While another chimed in with, “I know it maybe some kind of a trick to get more viewers… But really if those viewers are only for the chicks, you don’t need them and they doesn’t deserve to watch your amazing videos. Keep it real, man!”


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