MLS Is Heading To San Diego As Egyptian Billionaire Pays Record Breaking Expansion Fee

MLS ball

Getty Image / Icon Sportswire

Soccer is very easily one of, if not, the most popular sport in the world. However, it’s still very much growing in America.

The MLS has taken on multiple expansion teams in recent years. Now it appears a new franchise is on its way soon.

According to Front Office Sports, an MLS team will be on its way to San Diego by 2025. Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Mansour paid a record-breaking expansion fee of $500 million to start the franchise.

That is a ton of dough! For now, it’s unclear what the San Diego based team will be called, but they’ll have a couple of years to figure that out before playing any games in the MLS.

Mansour is one of the richest people in the world. Forbes has his net worth listed as $3.6 billion.

He’s generated wealth by establishing “General Motors dealerships in Egypt in 1975, later becoming one of GM’s biggest distributors worldwide.”

Additionally, he oversees the “exclusive distribution rights for Caterpillar equipment in Egypt and seven other African countries.”

The guy has the money to do pretty much whatever he wants. So why not start an MLS franchise in the MLS?

San Diego sports fans may be all-in on this expansion team. Especially since Padres star Manny Machado is part of the ownership group, per Front Office Sports.

Reports also indicate that the city of San Diego declined a soccer specific stadium back in 2017. For that reason, this expansion team will play their games at Snapdragon Stadium, the home of the SDSU Aztecs football team.

As previously stated, this new expansion team will officially come to life in 2025. This will give sports fans plenty of time to adjust to having a new team to root for in San Diego.

Since the departure of the Chargers, it appears the city of San Diego will have a different type of football club to root for now.