A Member Of Bills Mafia Got Knocked The Hell Out After Trying (And Failing) To Jump Through A Table

by 9 months ago
buffalo bills fan knocked out table

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Anyone who’s been to a tailgate at an NFL game knows just how rowdy they can get and anyone who’s been to a tailgate in Buffalo knows it’s hard to top the sheer insanity made possible by the members of Bill Mafia.

In recent years, Buffalo Bills fans have established quite a reputation for themselves thanks to their tendency to chug copious amounts of Labatt Blue to numb the pain that comes with jumping from large heights through folding tables much to the chagrin of the organization, which has taken a number of steps to try to curb their enthusiasm (with middling results).

Of course, Bills Mafia engages in various shenanigans inside the stadium as well—like throwing dildos onto the field when the Patriots roll into town—and while Bill Belichick might not appreciate that particular form of expression, he seems to like their enthusiasm.

This week, the Bills didn’t have to worry about taming their supporters, as the team headed to Nashville to take on the Titans, where they’d ultimately improve their record to 4-1 thanks to a 14-7 win.

However, plenty of Bills fans flocked to Tennessee in order to support their squad and brought some tables along with them to honor the proud tradition of breaking as many as possible.

However, one guy may have broken something else when he tried (and spectacularly failed) to channel his inner Matt Hardy prior to the game and gave Mason Rudolph a run for his money when it came to the most brutal knockout suffered on Sunday.

In the immortal words of Smokey:.

After a cursory search, it would appear there were no reported deaths outside of Nissan Stadium on Sunday so here’s to hoping the only thing that was really hurt was that guy’s ego.

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