PGA Tour Pro Billy Hurley III Unleashes Hilarious Political Smear Campaign Against Jordan Speith

Billy Hurley III


Billy Hurley III and Jordan Speith are both currently running to become the Chairman of the PGA Tour Player Advisory Council. What the hell is the PGA Tour Player Advisory Council, you ask? Well, according to, “the purpose of the PGA Tour Player Advisory Council is to advise and consult with the Board of Directors and Commissioner Jay Monahan on issues affecting the tour.” Terrrrrific.

The voting for Chairman of the PGA Tour Player Advisory Council is just around the corner and Billy Hurley III decided to drop a political hit piece against his opponent Jordan Speith. If you believe Hurley III’s video, which is below, Speith is a Tour one-percenter who can’t relate to the common tour pro. He also verbally assaults his caddie and is terrible at captaining a ship of any kind. Meanwhile, Hurley III is a salt-of-the-earth tour pro who proudly served his country before becoming a professional golfer.

You know your argument is bulletproof when your competition can’t even poke holes in it.

All that is left now is for everyone to vote for Hurley III.