Bishop Sycamore’s Coach May Be Using A Burner To Defend Himself After New HBO Documentary

Bishop Sycamore coach Roy Johnson


It’s been close to two years since Bishop Sycamore faced off against IMG Academy in the infamous ESPN game that eventually led to the former admitting it wasn’t a real high school—and HBO has given us a reason to revisit the scandal with the BS High documentary it dropped on Wednesday night.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the projects was that the filmmakers agreed to get Bishop Sycamore co-founder and head coach Roy Johnson to sit down for an interview and tell his side of the story. However, if he was hoping to redeem himself, he probably failed in that mission.

The documentary paints Johnson as the conman he essentially admits he is over the course of a two-hour movie where he acknowledges he had a habit of not bothering to pay for the hotels that hosted players he lured to his fake high school with false promises before the team blew up its own spot in the national spotlight courtesy of the network that failed to properly vet them.

Johnson is a fairly enigmatic figure who simultaneously attempts to act like he really did nothing wrong while admitting he absolutely did a ton of things wrong, and I have a hard time imagining anyone who watches BS High will come out of it with a ton of sympathy for a man who pulled off a grift for the ages.

Most people on the social network I will refer to as Twitter until the day I die have painted Johnson as the villain, although he has at least one supporter in the form of @Summer1871027, the user behind what may or may not be a burner account Johnson’s using to defend his honor.

That account was brought to my attention courtesy of Awful Announcing‘s Ben Koo, who noted it just popped up on the platform and is largely devoted to clapping back at people who’ve hopped online to criticize Johnson (who was, at one point, the only person following it).

While there’s currently no confirmation Johnson is, in fact, masquerading as a random person named “Summer,” I would love to know who else would take the time and effort to come to his defense.

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