Take A Break From U.S. Open Coverage And Watch This Black Bear Try To Steal This Bro’s Beer From The Golf Cart

Black Bear


Black bears are awesome, they basically live their entire lives in the pursuit of eating and drinking, which is more or less how I live my own life. This footage was snapped at the Moose Run Golf Course in Fort Richardson, Alaska by a foursome hitting the links who were shocked as hell to find a teenage black bear sneaking into one of their golf carts trying to jack a beer:

I have to wonder, would you drink that beer after a wild black bear licked the can? Do you just pour out the rest of the beer in the can or are you totally cool with drinking after wild black bears who probably just rummaged through someone’s garbage and ate pieces of shit for breakfast? Seems like a total waste of beer to just pour it out because a juvenile black bear took a swig, but I’m also not sure I’m totally okay with drinking after a bear…What about you bros?

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