Aussie Bro Catches Black Marlin Weighing Over 800-Pounds, Would’ve Had A Record But He Messed Up Big Time

by 3 years ago


As we move further away from Winter and the water temperatures of the Northern Hemisphere have begun to warm up we’ve been seeing less and less trophy marlin being caught. The peak fishing months for Black Marlin in Australia are September through December, so it was pretty major news last week when 25-year-old Australian bro Byron Milne reeled in a Black Marlin weighing over 800-pounds (363-kilograms).

The would-be-record Black Marlin was caught in Western Australia off the coast of Exmouth, and the angler from Perth would be sitting on a local record right now had he hit the goddamn gym (NEVER SKIP LEG DAY). Instead he lost out on the record because after 2.5 hours of fighting the 800+ pound Black Marlin Byron Milne’s muscles began to give out, and he had his buddies help hold him up while he fought the gigantic Black Marlin for another thirty minutes before eventually landing the fish.

IGFA rules stipulate that an angler cannot receive help of this sort and consequently Mr. Milne was disqualified from any sort of record (NEVER SKIP LEG DAY, BROS). The standing Western Australia record for Black Marlin is 296kg (652.5-pounds), so this fish would’ve destroyed that record.

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