Bros Use Handlines To Catch 300+ Pound Grouper In Epic Fishing Strength Challenge

In the latest video from BlacktipH, Capt. Jamie Glasner and Josh are squaring off in an epic strength challenge that you don’t often see in the world of fishing. Typically, fishing is done with a rod and reel which absorbs the brunt of the force from the fish. In this challenge, the two fishermen are using a handline to pull in 300+ pound Goliath Groupers. This means that they are directly tethered to the fish and pulling the MASSIVE Goliath Groupers in inch by inch, using nothing by their back and arms.

The challenge here is to get one of these massive Goliath Grouper up to the surface in under 60 seconds, which Josh from BlacktipH completes on the first try. Capt. Jamie Glasner has a little bit of trouble, clocking in at just over 60 seconds, but his Goliath Grouper was also considerably larger than the first fish we see.

If this is me, (1) I’m training for this by climbing the rope at the gym and (2) paddling on my surfboard every day for a month. I’m (3) also probably hitting the rowing machine hard. Beyond that, I’m also probably attaching myself to the boat in some way or another. It really wouldn’t be all that hard to lose your footing and have that fish pull your ass right over the gunwale in an instant. I’m kind of shocked that they aren’t clipped to the boat’s T-Top somehow, but I’m also sure they’ve done this plenty of times before.