Blake Bortles Essentially Admits That The Jags Suck After Their Game Against The Bengals

I knew a kid in college who loved the Jaguars. He probably still does, actually. I just haven’t talked to him in over a year. The kid had so much faith in them as a franchise. When you’d ask him why he was a Jaguars’ fan, he’d simply respond “Because they’re the greatest team of all-time.” He was so convincing, I would literally always think, “Shit, maybe I need to get involved on this Jaguars train before it leaves the station.” Then they would just start losing everything left and right and his tune would change to “They’re going 15-1” and then to “They’re going 14-2” and so on and so forth until the season ended. And I always wondered if, as a fan, it was so easy to get your hopes constantly dashed, what must it feel like as a player? Welp, Blake Bortles pretty much answered that one for us.

Those are the words of a broken man. I mean, I’m not sure what people are expecting from Bortles here. The guy could walk out onto the field and give 400% and they’ll more than likely still lose. They’ve gone 57-173 since their last winning season, which was in 2007. That’s fucking bananas. That’s the record of a high school football team in a movie about a bad high school football team. No wonder Bortles is giving up on his team. I would have given up on them probably at loss 100, he stuck it out for another 73. Really, that shows dedication. I think most anyone else would jump ship. Not Bortles. He stuck with it.