A Conversation With PGA Tour Pro Blayne Barber, Plus Tiger’s Performance At The Hero

by 3 years ago

On this week’s podcast, we were joined by PGA Tour veteran Blayne Barber to talk golf, off-season fitness, Tiger’s return, Auburn football (sorry, Blayne. I feel your pain, Bro) and his intense preparation to fly with the Blue Angels. Believe it or not, you actually have to prepare to fly in one of those planes. And you probably shouldn’t eat a thousand bowls of chili right before takeoff.

In addition to our conversation with Blayne, Jon and I recap the Hero World Challenge, which, as you can imagine, is a very Tiger heavy conversation. We hit on the good, the bad and the ugly from his return. Part of the ugly includes some of Tiger’s fashion choices – that white belt needs to go, Tiger. All that and more on episode 7 of Bros on Golf.

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