BLEACHER BRAWL: Female Cowboys Fan Throws Haymakers At Fellow Cowboys Fan And I Blame Romo

It’s unclear what started the fight last night between two fans who were supposed to be on the same side, but I guess years of being a Cowboys fan comes with an excess of pent up frustration and sometimes the only way to dispel of it is to throw haymakers at the dude sitting above you. This fight is goddamn infuriating, but it was a nice distraction from that plane crash of a game last night.

When you want to be taken seriously in a fight but you wearing a giant foam hat.

cowboys fight

fan fight

When you turnt as fuck but still respect your girlfriend’s opinions.

Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the slowest wind-up in human history. Romo could have thrown three picks in the time it took for this chick to deliver this haymaker.

When your giant foam hat gets knocked off your head and you so pissed that you kind of throw a punch.

I’m sure spending $300 on one quarter of football and one sip of Red’s Apple Ale was a sound financial decision, brah.

[h/t Busted Coverage]