Blue Jays Announcer Reignites The Ketchup On Hot Dogs Debate, Then Remembers His Wife Does It

ketchup on hot dog in a bun


There are just some things in this world that people will never, ever come to an agreement. Putting ketchup on hot dogs is one of those things. (Don’t even get us started on the whole “is a hot dog a sandwich debate.”)

There are just people who are right and people who are wrong and there will never be peace between them.

The entire argument reared its ugly head again this week during a Toronto Blue Jays game against the Philadelphia Phillies.

At one point during the Sportsnet broadcast of the game, the camera panned to a fan doing what almost every fan does: eating a hot dog.

It was then that longtime Blue Jays analyst Buck Martinez decided to go there.

“What’s that guy doing with ketchup on his hot dog?” Martinez said with obvious disgust. “C’mon.”

“An unconscionable mistake,” Martinez’s broadcast partner Dan Shulman agreed.

“No ketchup on the hot dog. Mustard only,” Martinez continued.

After a delay, and a shot of fans dressed up in hot dog costumes and a bottle of mustard, Buck Martinez then added, “You know, I must say, I have to really kind of apologize, my wife loves ketchup on her hot dog.”

“And you married her?” Shulman replied.

“I didn’t know that at the time,” Martinez responded. “She didn’t reveal that until years afterwards.”

The camera then panned to someone else eating a hot dog with ketchup on it, leading Martinez to groan, “Ugh, another one. We must have a special section in the ballpark for those guys.”

Ketchup on hot dog people were not down with Buck Martinez’s discriminatory views on social media.

“They literally make poison gas from mustard,” someone else wrote.

He did have his fair share of supporters though.

“Buck is 1000% right, ketchup does NOT belong on hotdogs. putting ketchup on steak is only slightly worse,” read another comment.

Try telling that to Patrick Mahomes. Dude even puts ketchup on ham and turkey at Thanksgiving.

Then there was this guy…

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