2x UFC Champ Thinks Prospect Bo Nickal Would Beat Israel Adesanya Right Now

UFC star Israel Adesanya

Getty Image / Jamie Squire

Hot takes tend to fly around the UFC all the time as pretty much every fighter believes they can beat anybody.

With that said, former double-champion Henry Cejudo thinks the world of prospect Bo Nickal.

So much so, he made a rather bold claim about a potential UFC fight between the rising star and Israel Adesanya.

Cejudo hypes up Nickal in the best way he can then makes the claim he thinks the prospect would be able to beat Adesanya if they fought right now.

Say whatever you want about Henry Cejudo, but the guy knows what he’s talking about when it comes to fighting. For that reason, his take on Bo Nickal should turn the heads of UFC fans.

Especially considering many regard Israel Adesanya as one of the best fighters in the UFC right now.

For anyone not familiar with Nickal, this kid is an absolute beast. He’s one of the best collegiate wrestlers ever and has been making noise early on in his UFC career.

He’s starting to catch plenty of attention amongst fight fans as Nickal has looked flawless so far.

However, to make the claim that an unproven star would be able to beat Israel Adesanya in the UFC right now is incredibly bold.

Especially considering Nickal has a long way to go before he gets a title shot. We’ll see how his career unfolds. But it’s safe to say the hype around this young UFC star is quickly rising.