Umpire Bob Davidson Proves He Has Skin Made Of Paper By Ejecting A Phillies Fan For Heckling Him During Last Night’s Game

Live look at Bob Davidson when not wearing his umpire pads.

Get the fuck out of here with that. Have you never been made fun of before? I was heckled harder during middle school basketball when I was taking a foul shot. “Hey Bob, I fucked your mom!!” Oh man, really cut deeps. Definitely cuts to the core since some random dude who’s clearly years younger than you definitely had sexual intercourse with your more than likely deceased mother. I can’t imagine anything the fan said was really that bad. We’re just dealing with another incident of Bobby D getting all butthurt about something completely trivial. Like when he ejected the mascot Youppi! from a game for sitting on top of a dugout. Because that’s something that umpires should definitely be preoccupied about during a professional baseball game. Honestly, I’m sure the worst thing the fan said was something along the lines of “you suck”. Maybe even “you suck eggs” if the guy had a few beers in him. Bob obviously was having one of those days where he needed to remind everyone how important he was. “Oh, that’s it. You wanna heckle me? Do you know who I am? I’m Bobby D, bitch.”