Bob Huggins’ Proposed Punishment For Using Homophobic Slur Revealed

Bob Huggins sits on the sidelines at a West Virginia basketball game.

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Bob Huggins was the topic of negative headlines earlier this week. The legendary college basketball coach was heard using a homophobic slur during a recent radio show appearance.

A clip of his language went viral, causing a reaction from fans and media throughout the sports world. Many believed his career was effectively over following the transgression. We now have a clearer picture of his proposed punishment.

Huggins is one of the sport’s most accomplished coaches. Beginning his head coaching career back in 1984 with Akron, he’s led three different programs to the NCAA Tournament.

That includes a pair of Final Four trips with Cincinnati and West Virginia.

But on Monday, his future roaming the sidelines became clouded. Huggins was heard using a homophobic slur when talking about Xavier fans while making a radio appearance on a Cincinnati based show.

News of the slur sent shockwaves through college basketball circles, with many calling for the head coach’s job.

It doesn’t look like West Virginia is ready to fire its leader, though there has been discussion on a potential punishment.

Pete Thamel of ESPN wrote Wednesday that the school is in the process of finalizing details regarding the Bob Huggins situation. Those details reportedly include a salary reduction and suspension, as well as sensitivity training.

Fans were quick to react.

Some were glad the Mountaineers didn’t let the legendary coach go, though they’re not quite sure how his sensitivity training will work out.

Others, however, believed the punishment should’ve been more severe.

Some insinuated that his top ranked transfer class might’ve had something to do with the decision.

We’ll see what Huggins’ suspension consists of, and if there are any further requirements needed to remain with the school.

West Virginia went 19-15 last season, booking a ticket to the Big Dance as a No. 9 seed. The Mountaineers lost to Maryland in the opening round, 67-65.