Exercise You Should Be Doing: The Body Saw

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When was the last time you tried an ab exercise that left your abs truly sore the next day? So sore that it hurt to cough, and with every little movement you could feel that not only do you have abs, but they have to work?

If you’re like most bros, it’s probably been awhile. You’ve probably been spending your time doing the same old ab exercises over and over. Crunches, planks, leg raises, etc.

It’s time to cut that shit out and get to the next level.

You need to be doing ab exercises that not only train your abs properly, but bring you closer to that elusive six-pack with each and every rep. Unfortunately, not many of those ab exercises exist.

But like the good bro that I am, I’ve got one for you that can do just that. I give you, the body saw.

The body saw is one of the most underused ab exercises in the gym, and it’s also got one of the coolest names in the history of exercise naming.. It’s a like the plank and the ab wheel rollout got together after a night of drinking tequila and got it on. Also, peep that sweet BroBible shirt in the video. Shit is fresh.

Why you need to be doing the body saw.

I’ve talked at length about why you need to be training your abs to fight flexion, extension, and rotation. I won’t dig too much into that now, but just know that when you train your abs like this you’re doing shit right.

By pushing your body backwards you’re getting into a long lever plank position, which stretches the abdominal muscles to a massive degree. By pulling back forward, you’re causing a major contraction.

Hopefully this sounds familiar. It’s exactly what happens during an ab wheel rollout, and it’s exactly how you build muscle and get stronger for every group of muscles you’ve got.

You want to train in a full range of motion. Stretch the muscles and then contract them as hard as possible.

The body saw does just that.

At the same time, you build major core stability due to the similarity between the plank and the body saw. It’s a two for one special.

How to do the body saw.

This one is extremely simple. All you have to do is find a place in your gym where you can slide your feet. If you’ve got a gym with some turf on the floor, then sliders work perfectly.

If not, then taking off your shoes and sliding with your socks typically works so long as the gym floor is slick. If not, then placing a towel under your feet can work pretty well.

The only issue is if your gym is full of rubber matting. That matting is designed to keep things from sliding, and in this case you might be shit out of luck, at least in the gym.

The beauty of the body saw is that you can do it anywhere. I’ll often have clients do these at home in their kitchen, or wherever they have flooring that allows them to slide.

It’s time that you quit doing the same old ab exercises that aren’t getting you any results. The body saw is where it’s at, and it’s the ab exercise that needs to be in every ab workout you do for the foreseeable future.

Unless of course you don’t want abs, if that’s the case then what the fuck are you doing with your life?

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