Asshole Bodybuilder Viciously Slaps Judge In The Face, Then Pulls Out His Penis After Losing Competition


Bodybuilder Giannis Magos was not happy with the results of his competition this weekend and he let one judge know how he felt.

Watch as Magos straight up slaps a defenseless judge in the face after he lost his competition at the 2016 IFBB in Greece.

Magos reportedly proceeded to flip over a table and exposed his penis to the judges.

via Yahoo Sports

Footage has emerged online of the bodybuilder approaching the long-time respected judge Armando Marquez and slapping him across the face.

There are reports he then threw all the judges’ tables and then pulled out his penis. That part of the meltdown was not shown on video.

This dude should never be allowed to compete again.

h/t TotalProSports