The Bodyweight Walking Tri-Set Lunge That Will Leave You Crawling By The Time It’s Over

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Who doesn’t love a good superset?

They can deliver one hell of a pump to your muscles and leave you feeling swole for hours.

Nothing compares to that massive pump you get in your arms when supersetting curls with tricep pushdowns or that massive animalistic feeling you get after a heavy superset of bench presses and one arm rows. Talk about walking out of the gym feeling like a god.

When it comes to leg day you’ve been supersetting leg presses with lunges–no easy task mind you–but you’re bored with that and the once glorious swoltastic pump you felt in your Groot sized legs is now nonexistent.

It’s been weeks since your legs felt like JellO and you want more.

More pump.

More swolliosis.

Crawling out of the bed the next day, that’s a sign you had one hell of a leg day.

Hey, Teddy Brosevelte, there is a simple solution that will leave you crawling on the ground moaning like a wounded bear the next morning: add a third exercise to your superset and make it a tri-set.

Tri-sets are a high intensity method that will push your delicate muscles to the extreme.

I’m warning you though, the bodyweight tri-set below doesn’t play around. Bodyweight routines sound super easy to an iron crunching bro like yourself but don’t underestimate this one’s power.

The Bodyweight Walking Tri-Set Lunge Designed by Satan Himself

When it comes to building more powerful and athletic legs, walking lunges is where it’s at. Doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete or a bro who loves to squat and deadlift, walking lunges are a vital asset in your arsenal.

Your stride will dictate which muscles get targeted the most during walking lunges. Longer stride lunges will fire up your gluteus maximus, while shorter strides emphasizes your quads—or quints since scientists found a fifth leg muscle hanging out in there.

Not to mention every muscle from your core down to your feet will be used as stabilizers; it’s a party for your whole lower body.

Perform 12 reps of each stride per leg and do a total of 3 rounds of these with 1-2 minutes rest between each round.

I’ve underestimated walking lunges before, they snuck up on me like a ninja attacking from the shadows. This little finisher will seem easy at first but after 3 rounds of this–if you can make it–you’ll be crawling out of bed to your shower the next day.

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