TBS Spoofs ‘Boom Goes The Dynamite’ In MLB Playoffs Commercial


The Boom Goes the Dynamite Guy’s real name is Brian Collins and he’s a person just like the rest of us. He wakes up every morning and rubs his sleepy eyes to face the day. He has car payments and actual emotions. In short, he is so much more than the 3-minute, 54-second broadcast that catapulted him into the public eye.

Just kidding. He’s Boom the Dynamite Guy and his life will be defined into perpetuity by his most visible mistake.

TBS co-opted the blooper reel for a commercial trumpeting its postseason baseball coverage and the result isn’t half-bad. Except for Collins, who will transported back to that terrible moment just for seeking out elimination hardball.

Hardly seems fair.

[mlbvideo id=”36709131″ width=”600″ height=”336″ /]

Also, where can I find some future odds on Pedro Martinez winning either an Oscar or an Emmy? Guy is just flat-out electric.

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