Bow Wow Gets Roasted For Saying He Wants To Join WWE And Form A Tag Team With Rey Mysterio

Bow Wow Says He Wants To Join WWE And Form Tag Team With Rey Mysterio

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The last time we checked in on Bow Wow (no more Lil, right? Okay, cool) he was entertaining numerous patrons of a Houston nightclub, stuffed in there like sardines as if there wasn’t a pandemic going on in the United States.

I know. I am as shocked as you are. Literally dozens of people paid good money to see Bow Wow perform!

Perhaps it was because they know their chances of living out such a dream evening are numbered as Mr. Wow says he is only going to grace us with one more album then he’s dunzo.

Of course, Wow made this announcement on August 7, 2016, so… yeah.

He’s been too busy of late doing things like appearing on The Masked Singer as the Frog and reprising his role as Twinkie in the upcoming F9 movie.

Those ventures must have led him the conclusion that his next career move, once he finishes that album, of course, is to go full bore into show business… by becoming a WWE wrestler. No, really.

Other than the fact that Bow Wow is 33-years-old, 5-foor-7, and, you know, has never wrestled professionally before, I think he might be on to something here.

Surprisingly, despite receiving much support for this dream of his, there were naysayers, including WWE Superstars T-Bar and Ricochet of Retribution.

And, well… others…

Hey, if Bad Bunny can do it, why not Bow Wow?