Brad Ausmus Responds To Getting Ejected From Twins Game By Covering Home Plate With His Sweatshirt

It’s been a big few days for baseball fans who have always had to contend with the argument that baseball isn’t fun to watch. We’ve had Bryce Harper yelling ‘fuck you’ at umpires, the Phillies’ catcher getting creamed to win the game and of course Jose Bautista getting punched in the face and somehow not breaking his jaw. Really, I’m surprised more people haven’t been writing think pieces about how baseball is ‘fun again’. Isn’t that what people do when they have something to say but no one wants to listen? I think I read a think piece about that somewhere.

Well, for all you bros keeping track about how much more entertaining baseball is becoming, here’s another notch in your belt. Last night during the Tigers-Twins game, manager Brad Ausmus lost his absolute shit and got half-undressed on the field in retaliation for being ejected.

In Ausmus’s defense, the umps did kind of fuck over the Tigers. After taking an 8 run lead in the 1st inning, the umps began calling a strike zone that no one could make sense of, allowing the Twins to slowly stage a comeback, though the Tigers eventually won 10-8. However, I don’t have a clue what Ausmus’s angle was here. I get that umps hate when you fuck with home plate but putting your sweatshirt on top of it doesn’t make much sense to me. Nor does the hat toss. I mean, I get that guys do things that don’t make sense when they start seeing red, but also, who gets undressed in reaction to being kicked out. That’d be like if people retaliated by getting kicked out of bars by taking their pants off and leaving them behind in retaliation. Imagine that society? Bananas.