NHL Player Brad Hunt Gives All-Time Interview After Having His Front Teeth Knocked Out

Brad Hunt skates the ice.

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Colorado Avalanche defenseman Brad Hunt had his front teeth knocked out during a hockey game on Monday night. He didn’t appear to be too shaken up about it.

After his team’s 3-0 win over the Las Vegas Knights, he gave an awesome interview about both the game and the injury.

The Avalanche faced off against the Knights in Colorado last night, eventually prevailing in dominant shutout fashion. Mikko Rantanen was the star of the night, notching a pair of goals, while goalie Alexandar Georgiev was perfect in the net with 31 saves.

After the game, though, it was a player that saw the ice just 10 minutes of action that wound up stealing the show.

Brad Hunt didn’t have the impact on the ice that his teammates did, but the 15-year veteran surely left an impression with the Avalanche faithful.

Hunt was caught with a high stick in the course of play which resulted in him having to get his front tooth pulled. That would’ve been enough for most to call it a night, but not him.

After the game, he joined the Altitude TV crew to talk about both the win and his newly missing chiclets.

Brad Hunt opens up the interview with a huge toothless grin before digging into the analysis. Here’s what he had to say.

“I’ve got a face for radio right now… Last game, I got high sticked, made it a little bit loose. Tonight, my new friend Jack got me right in the face and pushed it right out. Thank goodness I had braces when I was a kid…

“It doesn’t hurt, you just know right away…”

It’s certainly not the first time we’ve seen something like this in the NHL, but man, he seems a little too used to it. He’s sure to land a spot on the list of hockey’s all-time best toothless smiles by the time his career’s finished.

Hunt admits to getting a little Novocain on the sidelines in order to numb the area up while getting the tooth pulled. He then went on to talk about the win, which was the Avalanche’s sixth straight.

“The guys are sticking together, we’re playing as a team. We’re sticking to our system that we come up with before each game. Guys are just feeling it right now, the top guys are playing amazing.”

With the win, Colorado improved to 34-19-5 on the year, moving into fourth place in the Western Conference standings. The Avalanche appear to be getting hot at the right time with the playoffs right around the corner.

For now, it’s all smiles for Brad Hunt and the Avalanche.