Brady Quinn Thinks The Media Is Out To Get Urban Meyer, Which Is Certainly A Take

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  • Brady Quinn is oddly going to bat for Urban Meyer.
  • Quinn thinks the media is to blame for some of the frustrations surrounding Meyer in Jacksonville.
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Urban Meyer’s time as the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars has been a disaster, there’s no other way to describe it. The Jaguars are terrible, Meyer is causing all sorts of drama off the field, and this entire experiment ending on a terrible note seems inevitable at this point.

That isn’t stopping Brady Quinn from defending Meyer.

Meyer and Quinn spent two seasons as co-analysts on FOX Sports, so it’s not a complete shock to see Quinn step up as quite possibly the lone person in all of sports media defending Meyer at this point.

In Quinn’s eyes, the media has been out to get Meyer from the moment he was hired, which has made things even more difficult for Meyer.

It’s The Media’s Fault Urban Meyer Has Failed, Apparently

“Are there potential leaks coming out of Jacksonville? Probably. That’s how this stuff gets out. But there’s also been people who have been angling or trying to take shots or basically put out this story that it’s not gonna work since day one, Quinn explained on Fox Sports Radio. “

Since Urban Meyer got there. I mean that’s my issue with all of this. The media never gave Urban Meyer a chance.

“And from the get-go, it starts with the fact that a lot of the media members who have no relationship with Urban Meyer or any other college coach for that matter hate the fact that they would have to, one, develop a relationship with someone new again, and two, I feel like there’s this sentiment that college and NFL, it’s like the minor leagues and big leagues.”

While there’s no denying that the majority of the media predicted Meyer to fail in his first year in Jacksonville, the media doesn’t coach the Jacksonville Jaguars. The media also doesn’t get caught dancing at a bar with a blonde who isn’t your wife. The media isn’t responsible for the Jaguars being a laughing stock in the NFL.

By no means was Meyer expected to turn things around right away with the Jags, but it’s almost hard to even come up with all of the ridiculous situations Meyer and his team have faced so far this season, most of which fall on Meyer’s shoulders.