Braves’ Organist Mocks Blue Jays’ Reese McGuire, Who Was Arrested For Whacking Off In A Car, By Playing ‘Beat It’

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The organist for the Atlanta Braves has a pretty damn good sense of humor.

During Thursday’s Braves-Blue Jays game, the Braves’ organist played Michael Jackson’s “Beat it” as Blue Jays catcher Reese McGuire made his way to the plate.

The organist was referencing McGuire’s arrest for public masturbation earlier this year.

McGuire’s arrest had made news again this week when TMZ released his arrest video.


TMZ Sports has obtained police footage of the moment cops busted MLB catcher Reese McGuire for allegedly masturbating in public … and it’s SUPER AWKWARD.

“If you’re down at an apartment next to the stadium, why would you come to a parking lot just to masturbate,” a police officer is heard asking McGuire in the video.

McGuire responded, “I don’t know… I just decided to park.

“I realized that I made a mistake, having my pants down, doing what I was doing,” he added. “I really am apologetic. And I know I shouldn’t have been doing this.”

The Braves might have to give their organist a raise for that troll job.