Huge Brawl Erupts Between New York Red Bulls and NYCFC Soccer Fans


I apologize in advance to our European readers who will watch this video and say, “You call that a soccer argy-bargy (British slang for ‘fight’)?” I understand that not one person was stabbed with a pocket knife or even shanked with broken Guinness Draught bottle. There was no fatalities, there wasn’t even one Molotov cocktail hurled. But us Americans are new to this whole soccer stuff, and even less familiar to hooliganism. So cut us some slack in our first real soccer brawl.

On Sunday, the New York Red Bulls and New York City FC (New York has TWO soccer teams? Who knew!) renewed their “rivalry” in a match that is called the New York Derby. The final meeting between the two teams in the regular season took place at the Red Bulls’ stadium in Harrison, New Jersey.

Hours before the 7 p.m. match, fans of the competing teams pre-gamed at Bello’s Pub and Grill in Newark, which is about five minutes from the stadium. Apparently pints and shots of Jameson were aplenty because tempers flared and a very large donnybrook broke out in front of the bar that is self-described as the “perfect place to…warm up for a soccer match at Red Bull Arena.”

Associated Press reporter Rob Harris captured the huge fight and posted the video to Twitter. The belligerent fans used fists, garbage bags and sandwich boards as weapons.

Sorry European football fans, we’ll try harder next time we have a soccer brawl, I promise.