Braxton Miller Just Took Jim Harbaugh Behind The Woodshed On Twitter After He Hated On OSU

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Winning is the ultimate mic drop. It’s the B-Rabbit freestyle to any Papa Doc verse. It’s the “Ya, but I fucked your girl” for the common man. That’s why I’m not affected as I should be when my college friends send me GIFs of Tom Brady dancing like a stiff or holding a baby goat in Uggs. Winning is the ultimate establisher of dominance. Everything else is just noise. That Tom Brady dances to really fucking uncomfortably.

So, if you got pummeled 42-13 at home in your first ever coaching gig against a team, you should probably tuck your dick between your legs, tip the cap, and remind yourself that you’ll ‘get ’em next year.’ What you probably shouldn’t do is publicly mention prior messy sanctions against that school and squabble about ‘relevancy’ with its Athletic Director, even if getting instigated into it. You’re setting yourself up to be Meek Mill’ed.

And after Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh did just that earlier this week, now-former Ohio State Buckeye QB-turned-WR Braxton Miller dropped the hammer on him on Twitter.

It also doesn’t help Harbaugh’s case that he’s whiter than toilet paper and shaped like an ice cream sandwich.

In my opinion, Jim Harbaugh is one of the best things to happen to college football, certainly Michigan football, in years. I just hope he does a quick cost-benefit analysis going forward when picking his battles.

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braxton miller

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