Breaking Down an Epic 12-Minute Long Minor League Hockey Brawl

by 5 years ago

I highly recommend you watch the whole thing. But if you don't have that kinda free time (we all aren't internet bloggers), here are the highlights. 

0:25: The cheapshot from the goalie that starts it all.

2:12: The annoucer goes nuts (worth listening to).

2:59: A Watertown player steals a jersey and skates around the ice swinging it (no, that really happened).

3:50: Our still hyped-announcer talks about the jersey situation “THAT WAS GREAT” as festivities ramp up.

4:12: The annoucer literally advocates for someone to rip off the goalie's mask and beat him the fuck up

4:53: Two players act JUST LIKE THE BASH BROTHERS. I mean they are hyping the crowd from the penalty box.

5:55: Coaches go at it on the bench.

… Lot of down time

10:20: A player who got ejected goes to the ANNOUNCING BOOTH to say hello to his mother

Mad points to the annoucer who kept the hype going through this all. 

[Via Yahoo]

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