UPDATING: Germany vs. Netherlands Soccer Game Cancelled, Stadium Evacuated For ‘Security Reasons’

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UPDATE: 6:37pm EST

In what has been a tumultuous day for German soccer, it seems the coast is clear, at least for now. Reports indicate that a terror plot may have been thwarted at Hannover’s HDI Arena, and information is still being released regarding the story.

From The Mirror:

A suspected terrorist plot is thought to have been foiled in Germany tonight after a series of bomb scares rocked Hannover.

French intelligence officials are reported to have warned their German counterparts about a potential attack, sparking a string of security alerts this evening.

The spooks told German authorities that the terrorists might strike using an explosives-laden vehicle with official access to the football stadium, such as an ambulance, TV crew van or security patrol car, reports Die Welt.

According to German newspaper Bild, a North African terror cell was planning to attack Hannover with assault rifles and suicide vests – chillingly similar to the methods used in Paris on Friday which killed 129.

They also reported an Iraqi ‘sleeper agent’ may have planned the attack.

German media reported that the country’s Minister of Interior Thomas de Meizere refused answer questions about the terror attack saying: “Some of these answers would unsettle the population.”

The events kicked off after German authorities said they received “concrete information” about a bomb threat at the HDI Arena leading to the international friendly being cancelled.

In addition, German authorities have also been dealing with a number of suspicious – albeit harmless as far as we know – packages in Hannover’s central metro station.


We will be here updating if anything further unravels through the evening as Hannover is on high alert throughout the night.

UPDATE: 2:51pm EST

Scary, scary stuff if true…




Also, the German national team has been confirmed as safely escorted from the arena a short time ago.


UPDATE: 2:39pm EST

It appears German police have at least one man at gun point in the vicinity of the HDI Stadium. The relationship to the security threat is still developing, but as of 6:37pm nothing further has emerged with regards to these pictures.


Two subsequent tweets from the man who first tweeted the pictures read : “Suspicious man walked with police to the van, after an agent has studied a document from him. It seems too bad. Now in center. Fans walk around a bit. Atmosphere is between perplexed and relieved. #hannover”

UPDATE: 2:30pm EST


On the heels of the Paris terror attacks which saw three alleged ISIS-affiliated terrorists blow themselves up outside the Stade de France during an international soccer friendly on Friday, Germany’s game against the Netherlands this evening has just been cancelled citing security reasons.

Germany vs Netherlands was to be played at HDI Arena in Hannover, however the stadium was evacuated prior to kickoff for a threat that’s nature has yet to be confirmed. German chancellor Angela Merkel and members of the German Federal cabinet were expected to be among the guests at the match, and police reports indicate that spectators were asked to leave the stadium in a calm fashion.



The story is still developing and we will keep you updated.

[h/t RT.com]

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