Brett Favre Warns Patrick Mahomes To Not Take Concussions As Lightly As He Did

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Brett Favre The Football Player and Brett Favre The Retiree are two totally different people.

The Football Player would launch himself into a meat grinder to gain an extra inch in a preseason game.

The Retiree believes teenagers should not be playing tackle football until there is a functional treatment solution for concussions.

Favre, now 51, has gone on record saying he may have had “thousands” of concussions in his 18-year playing career, inclusive of what he referred to as dingers, seeing stars and ringing ears. He admits to being frightened about developing chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) as he ages.

Favre caught up with TMZ about his disorienting injury against the Browns Sunday and is urging the 25-year-old to take more precautions with his health than he did.

“I played 321 straight games, it kind of goes against everything I stood for when I played. But, you got to be smart. You’ve got to be smart. I was never faced with a decision that he will potentially face this week. And ultimately the decision may fall on the doctors. And if they choose that he doesn’t play, then it’s the right move, because of the long-term damage.”

“When you’re in the moment and you’re young, you’re bullet proof. I’m 51 years old and I’m wondering what tomorrow will bring because of concussions more than anything…I urge him and all players to be extremely smart.”

Jay Glazer reported that Mahomes injuries were more closely related to symptoms similar to getting “choked out” than a concussion, a claim fans have either supported or challenged based on their respective allegiances.

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