Latest Twist In Brett Favre Case Shows He Funded Medicine That Experimented On And Killed Dogs

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As if the Brett Favre welfare scandal weren’t gross enough, a new report took it to an even more disgusting level on Friday.

Favre, of course, is embroiled in a scandal where he took welfare funds from the state of Mississippi for speaking engagements and commercials that he never actually did. He then redirected those funds to the University of Southern Mississippi athletic department to build a new volleyball facility. His daughter, Breleigh, played volleyball at USM at the time.

As if that weren’t bad enough, Favre also took money from his charity, Favre 4 Hope, to give to the university. The charity’s mission statement says it’s aimed to help disadvantaged children and cancer patients.

But wait, there’s more!

New Report Says Favre Helped Fund Company That Experiment On And Killed Dogs

A.J. Perez of Front Office Sports reports that there may be yet another layer to the Favre scandal. Perez claims that PreVPro, a concussion cream that Favre backed, tested its product on and killed at least six dogs.

A little-known cream touted by Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre has the attention of federal and state investigators as part of the wide-ranging probe into millions of misspent welfare funds in Mississippi, sources with knowledge of the matter told Front Office Sports.

Favre pushed for the creation and spearheaded funding efforts of PreVPro — even touting it at Super Bowl LIV on Fox News in February 2020.

However, it was never actually produced in mass quantities to be sold to the public, in spite of multiple animal experiments that led to the deaths of at least a half-dozen dogs. – via Front Office Sports

Favre is linked to more than $8 million in misappropriated funds. He’s since paid back a portion of the $800K he received directly. But he still owes the state the other $200K.

Now it appears the disgraced Hall of Famer quarterback may have even bigger issues on his hands.