Brett Favre Wore A Green Bay Packers Jersey, Thinks He Could Still Play


Sports Illustrated convinced Brett Favre to put on a Green Bay Packers jersey for the first time since 2008 and took a picture of it.

At 45, the jersey didn’t quite fit the way it did when the ol’ gunslinger was zipping touchdown passes out at Lambeau Field.

“It was so big on me,” Favre says. “It felt like a nightgown. That’s not my world anymore.”

The future Hall of Famer admitted that he could probably play in the NFL next season if he wanted to but made it perfectly clear he has no interest in doing so. You’ll recall Favre has been engaging in a ridiculous weight lifting regimen since retiring. Perhaps as part of an upcoming role in Game of Thrones or something.

But Favre says here’s just too much grandpa-ing to be done on his 465-acre estate to return to football.

Odds are he’ll make similar comments next summer to spark speculation. A leopard can’t change its spots.

[H/T: Sports Illustrated]