Fans Troll Brewers For Having Stadium Roof Closed During Pregame Flyover, Fireworks

A view inside American Family Field for the Brewers' home opener.

Getty Image

MLB fans are taking shots at the Milwaukee Brewers for a recent gaffe, which came as the team participated in its 2023 home opener on Monday afternoon against the Mets.

The Brewers planned for fireworks and a pregame flyover to ring in the new season, but there was one big issue. The stadium roof was closed, blocking those in attendance from seeing the plane overhead.

Many on social media quickly reacted to the mishap.

They even shot fireworks indoors, too, again while the roof was closed shut.

You can see an aerial view of the flight over the stadium, taken by the co-pilot before the game.

Baseball fans were quick to post their hilarious responses to the video clips online. Here’s what they were saying.

One person sarcastically wrote, “Ladies and gentlemen if you would all turn your attention to the roof, you may hear a sound in a moment…”

Someone else said, “If you ever feel useless, watch this,” while this fan commented, “Poverty organization.”

Some looked at the bright side. At least the tailgaters got to enjoy the moment.

It wasn’t all bad for Milwaukee. While Brewers fans in the stadium missed the flyover, they got to watch their team take down the Mets in blowout fashion, 10-0. Still, this pregame blunder is what fans will remember most.