Ex-Chicago Bears Star Brian Urlacher Is Being Sued By The Mother Of His Son… FOR $125 MILLION

Brian Urlacher Being Sued Mother Son

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We haven’t heard much out of former Chicago Bears star linebacker Brian Urlacher since he retired after the 2012 NFL season. You know, other than the fact that he now has a semi-full head of hair after being pretty much being completely bald by the time he retired.

Check out bro’s flow now…


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Man, I hope Urlacher got paid A LOT of money to do that ad campaign, for multiple reasons.

One, I hope he made bank for doing that because, wow, I would have to be paid a ton of money to regrow my hair in a public forum and I’m not a former NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

And two, Urlacher is going to need a shitton of money if he loses a new $125 MILLION lawsuit filed by the mother of his son, Tyna Karageorge (Tyna Robertson, when they were dating).

Check this news out, just reported by TMZ Sports

The woman behind the suit is Tyna Karageorge — who had a child with Urlacher in 2005. She later married Ryan Karageorge, who died from a gunshot wound to the head in Dec. 2016.

Tyna had told police she and Ryan had been arguing on the night of the fatal shooting — and at one point, he reached for a pistol in her purse and shot himself.

In her suit, Tyna claims Urlacher — along with his lawyers and a reporter for the Chicago Tribune — concocted a diabolical plot to convince officials and the public that the shooting was NOT a suicide, but rather Tyna murdered Ryan.

Tyna claims Urlacher called the shots in the plot hoping to ultimately get custody of their son.

Wow. There’s just so much to unpack there.

Throw in the fact that back in 2008 this Tyna Karageorge was arrested by Cook County Sheriff’s police, according to The Huffington Post, because she had not made any payments on an $11 million judgment against her for making false sexual assault accusations against Riverdance star Michael Flatley.

Wow again.

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Urlacher reportedly earned $72,674,999 from his contracts with the Chicago Bears during his career. Tyna wants $25 million in compensatory damages and another $100 million in punitive damages.

Something tells me here’s what’s going to happen…

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Call it a hunch.

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