Bro Rips A Drive Down The Fairway Off A Beer Can, Proceeds To Shotgun The Beer Like A Boss

beer can drive shotgun

Every now and then, we get a video submission that’s just too good not to share with the whole Brommunity. This is one of those submissions.

Just a Bro on the golf course, tee’ing his ball up on a full beer, smoking his drive down the middle of the fairway, then shotgunning said beer because, why the hell not!? Some EDM tunes edited in for production value and #hype, because, also, why the hell not?!

Pretty sure that beer was downed before the ball was even done carrying. Nicely done.

Big ups to Andrew Lazirk for sending the video our way, and his bro, the trigger man, Sammy Suchta going downrange at the East Orange Golf Course last Sunday, April 24th.

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