Brock Purdy Pulls Up To First NFL Game Of 2023 Looking Like The Most Normal Dude Ever

Brock Purdy 2023 NFL San Francisco 49ers
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Brock Purdy is just a normal dude who happens to be the starting quarterback for one of the NFC’s top Super Bowl contenders. He didn’t arrive to the NFL with a Heisman Trophy in hand. He wasn’t even a first, second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth-round draft pick.

Purdy was the last overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft as Mr. Irrelevant. The former three-star recruit, with all due respect to the Cyclones, went to Iowa State. It’s not like he was playing in primetime matchups with College GameDay in town each and every week.

And yet, as the 49ers begin the 2023 season on Sunday, Purdy is the starting quarterback. Jimmy Garoppolo is in Las Vegas. Trey Lance was traded to Dallas.

Purdy is the guy with Sam Darnold as his backup after getting thrust into the QB1 role late last season and winning seven-straight games. With his offseason elbow surgery behind him, he is the guy.

You would never know it based on the outfit he wore during pregame!

Don’t get me wrong…

Brock Purdy looked great!

However, if you didn’t know that he is an NFL quarterback, you would not know that he is an NFL quarterback. He pulled up in whitewashed jeans and a jacket with a plain white t-shirt.

It was the most normal guy outfit possible.

Purdy looked like one of us. Completely unassuming. Totally casual, with a hint of business.

How can you not root for him?

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