A Broncos Player Told Tom Brady That He ‘Was Going To Eat His Kids’ To Mess With Him In AFC Title Game

The Denver Broncos might have had an all-time great defense last season on their way to a Super Bowl 50 victory, but it turns out they had some crazy motherfuckers who were all-timers at intimidating opposing players, too.

At least that’s the perception that safety T.J. Ward gave while a guest on ESPN’s Highly Questionable on Monday, saying that he heard his teammate, defensive end Derek Wolfe, actually tell Tom Brady that he was, “going to eat his kids.” to try and get into the four-time champ’s head.

This shouldn’t come as a shocker, though, because this was the same game that a Denver player admitted to trying to “rub my nuts” on Brady’s face at any opportunity he could, proving that the Broncos’ D would do anything to throw Tom Terrific off his game.

They may be Super Bowl champs, but the Broncos should also be considered the shit-talking champs after hearing all of this!

[H/T Boston.com]

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