Bronny James Duplicated His Dad’s Iconic Chase Down Block And The Internet Loved It

Bronny James duplicated LeBron James' iconic NBA Finals block and Twitter had awesome reactions

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Bronny James is, arguably, the most-hyped teenage basketball player since, well, his dad, LeBron James. Although the kid’s still only 14 years old, he’s already tearing it up on the AAU circuit, with people as prominent as Mike Krzyzewski watching him play to try and get a leg up on recruiting as he’s set to enter high school in a few months. Bottom line is this: Bronny James has a ton of people watching him, wondering what his hoops future holds.

While it’s still too early to really ponder how things play out for Bronny, it’s clear that the Internet loves seeing what he can do on a basketball court. Over the years, we’ve seen highlight videos of the kid crossing opponents up and showing that he’s just better than anyone he plays against. Those are cool and all, but the latest viral video of Bronny James is straight fire, because it shows him duplicating his dad’s iconic chase down block in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors, which helped the Cleveland Cavaliers win a championship minutes later. Take a look at the two in the video below, with the call from announcer Mike Breen from LeBron’s swat paired up with Bronny’s.

Yeah, it’s pretty awesome to see the two blocks together — with the drama from Breen’s call adding a little extra flare to Bronny James’ block in a high school game. And, because the Internet loves this sort of stuff, you just know people couldn’t help but tweet their reactions; so take a look at what some people were saying below.

If Bronny James is doing this kind of stuff at age 14, it’s only a matter of time before we see him duplicating (and surpassing) some of the stuff his dad has shown us. LeBron James might have created a monster with this kid, so we should probably expect him showing out a helluva lot more in the coming years.

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